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Focus on First Time Use – LinkedIn Group

Our LinkedIn group to continue the conversation regarding designing awesome “first time use” experience. We’ve provided access to the material including Intuit’s design philosophy, Design for Delight, and how our team has applied it to QuickBooks on-boarding. You can download all four topics including: Jobs Framework, First Time Use Framework and worksheet, Customer Benefit framework […]

Intuit’s CEO on Building a Design-Driven Company

Posting a recent article on Brad Smith our CEO at Intuit on building a design-driven company. From the article, “Even before I became CEO, I’d been working to help our teams understand what makes a product experience delightful. Ease of use is important, but it’s not everything. We began talking about customers’ end-to-end experience, which […]

Viriditas & Areophany and Design

Just wrapping up reading   The Mars Trilogy  by Kim Stanley Robinson. I walk away from the series with two words burned into my brain. “Viriditas” and “Areophany“. I wonder how do these concepts apply to our appreciation of design and design systems. from Wikipedia: “Viriditas (Latin, literally “greenness,” formerly translated as “viridity”[1]) is a word meaning […]

QB Connect – Rhonda Abrams “5 Key Lessons for Every Entrepreneur”

Attended a great session today at QB Connect by Rhonda Abrams “5 Key Lessons for Every Entrepreneur”.  About Rhonda – USA Today columnist and entrepreneurship expert, Rhonda Abrams shares common issues for small businesses and advises on do-it-now action items to set your business up for success. Key issue: Good business plan  “You can’t reach […]

iButterfly, that lets you catch virtual butterflies and turn them in for valuable offers.

Interesting concept for Augmented Reality Want to catch butterflies to earn discounts? Now you can with your iphone. Mobile Art Lab in Japan has developed a new iPhone App, iButterfly, that lets you catch virtual butterflies and turn them in for valuable offers. The application uses augmented reality to take video feed from your phone’s […]