Hi! I’m Stephen

Author of Night Owls, a science fiction novel and Why Always Wins, a graphic novel focused on empowering high performing teams.

Night Owls

Ethan Keller is an unapologetic thief and wayward but well-meaning party promoter. When a big heist goes wrong, a lunar conspiracy erupts.

If you like action and adventure–a heist, an arrest warrant, fighting corporate greed, and friendship– Night Owls is for you.

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Why Always Wins

Why Always Wins is a graphic novel for creating winning teams. A fun and informative comic designed to help you understand the mechanics of collaboration and to foster effective, empathetic teams.

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About Me

I’m a certified Coach (AAC, CPCC) and UX Leader living in Silicon Valley. Currently, I’m at Google where I help drive innovation for our consumer products and coach internally. 

I’ve spent the last twenty-plus years working on digital innovation around the globe, supporting teams across five continents.  I have experience  across a spectrum of corporate environments from large corporations to bootstrapped start-ups.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a transformative conversation for your career and life. There are two types of conversation that shape your perspective and guide your decisions: an internal conversation you have with yourself, and the external conversation you have with others.

Together we will explore your goals, values and perceptions and connect with your leader within that’s ready to be ignited through creative thinking.

I’ve spent years applying design thinking within organizations to reinvent products and drive growth. I’ll apply the same design approach with the CTI methodology to help you maximize your career. 

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What is UX?

User Experience encompasses all aspects of the customer’s interaction with the company, its products and services. As a design leader and strategist, I enable innovation and delightful solutions that deliver exceptional customer experiences and proven growth. 

As a service-oriented people leader, I have supported diverse and inclusive teams around the world to collaborate and deliver excellence. 

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