Why Always Wins
A Graphic Novel for Creating Winning Teams.

A fun and informative 160-paged graphic novel that shares the best practices in facilitation, collaboration, and communication to help you succeed in any work environment.

How many times have you worked on a big project where you may have gotten the results you wanted, but have little desire to work with the people on that team again? You may have felt lousy about yourself, lousy about the team, completely dispirited and exhausted.

Our protagonist, Max, is a young manager who gets in over his head leading a group of colleagues with clashing styles. But a chance meeting with an unexpected mentor leads him on a journey to help him better understand himself and his team. Will Max’s odyssey give him the confidence and expertise to lead a winning team?

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About the Book

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have learned best practice in facilitation and collaboration from an incredible set of mentors, coaches, and leaders over my career.  I wrote Why Always Wins to bring these learnings to early career professionals, so they can benefit from the tools and principles to accelerate their career.