Twenty-year-old Ethan Keller leads a double life: unapologetic thief and wayward but well-meaning party promoter. He’s stuck in the poorest district, one overrun by random power outages that have already left several dead. No one said life in space was glamorous. Not even when his girlfriend is the daughter of the moon’s richest family. Wealth could never replace his father.

When his payday is stolen Ethan and the Night Owls, his quirky family of friends, plan a heist to recoup the loss. But instead they’re led to a secret that was never meant to be unearthed: the theft of power cells, the source of the deadly power outages. And the culprit is none other than his girlfriend’s father, CEO of Nadar Corp.

Ethan crumbles upon the discovery, haunted by the memory of his father crushed underneath a faulty piece of Nadar equipment. Or so the company said. But they’re the ones now stealing vital power. Surely tampering with equipment isn’t off the table either. And his girlfriend can’t be involved – can she?

Now, Ethan must decide who he trusts and who he fights for – those being deprived by greed or the woman he loves. In an ideal world, he would fight for both. 

My latest book is an adult science fiction novel called Night Owls. I’m working on a series, but if you are interested in reading Night Owls Book 1 send me message @ Linkedin or Twitter