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QB Connect – Rhonda Abrams “5 Key Lessons for Every Entrepreneur”

Attended a great session today at QB Connect by Rhonda Abrams “5 Key Lessons for Every Entrepreneur”.  About Rhonda – USA Today columnist and entrepreneurship expert, Rhonda Abrams shares common issues for small businesses and advises on do-it-now action items to set your business up for success. Key issue: Good business plan  “You can’t reach […]

iButterfly, that lets you catch virtual butterflies and turn them in for valuable offers.

Interesting concept for Augmented Reality Want to catch butterflies to earn discounts? Now you can with your iphone. Mobile Art Lab in Japan has developed a new iPhone App, iButterfly, that lets you catch virtual butterflies and turn them in for valuable offers. The application uses augmented reality to take video feed from your phone’s […]

Google Think Insight – Mobile Search Moments Study

Great new PDF from Google Think Insights Mobile Search Moments Study The headline – “As consumers increasingly turn to their mobile phones, it is critical for businesses to understand the range of “mobile conversions” that can occur, such as phone calls, store visits, or purchases on other devices. In partnership with Nielsen, Google analyzed over […]

The Mobile Consumer 2013 by Nielsen

At Mobile World Congress 2012, Nielsen shared out a PDF documented focused on the Mobile Consumer. Mobile-Consumer-Report-2013 From the introduction: “Mobile The Next Media Powerhouse” “When the first call was placed on a handheld mobile phone in 1973, the prototype device used was capable of less than 30 minutes of battery life and took 10 hours […]

Flat Design and Skeumorphism

Lots of talk on the internet around Flat Design and Skeumorphism. Here are some handy links (Thanks Jason!) on the topic. DesignModo: Skeumorphism in UI Design, What is It? Cole Peters: Flatliners John Gruber: The Trend Against Skeuomorphic Textures & Effects in User Interface Design Max Rudberg: Flat UI is not the only way forward Matthew Moore […]