Positioning Matters: GoPayment Examples

Intuit is an amazing place to work, we are dedicated to delivering innovative and inspiring products. Of course sometimes along the way we make mistakes. Go figure 🙂

Positioning matters when it comes to marketing, servicing and introducing during first use. In the context of a connected world tweets, blog posts and press releases matter too!

Would you positioning a product post with “How to Fix 10 Common Problems with the GoPayment Card Reader”?

What comes to mind is:

  1. Holy crap, they have 10  common problems?
  2. Wait they have more, this is just 10 “Most” common problems?
  3. I need to fix these problems? Why me?
  4. They might have defective card readers?
  5. I have to call a 1-800 number to get support? (if I make it through the article?)
  6. Why would I re-tweet this article?

How to Fix 10 Common Problems With the GoPayment Card Reader - GoPayment Blog