Evangelized three major transformation change initiatives at Intuit: Mobile First, Network Effect Platform, and Natural User Interfaces. Developed and facilitated immersive experiences for CEO & Leadership offsite and a company-wide conference.

What is NUI NOW?

  1. Voice & Sound
    1. Conversational agent – Users can interact with a system without prior knowledge of the system’s commands.
    2. Audio security – Voice signature shifts the burden of identification away from the user to the system.
  2. Sight
    1. Augmented reality – Making visible the inherent data around us
    2. Emotion tracking – The system proactively reads the user and can adapt in a natural way.
  3. Touch & Gesture
    1. Powerful collaboration – Users share control over the interface in a way not possible with single input devices. (mouse, keyboard, remote control, etc)
    2. Utilizing three dimensions – Traditional inputs track X/Y coordinates. NUI’s create a more direct connection to content by taking advantage of depth in movement.
  4. Location & Motion
    1. Physical controls  – Physical inputs (weight, rotation) are translated into digital outputs.
    2. Monitor physical movements – This additional source of information can be used to help systems (and users) understand more about themselves in order to learn and adapt.
  5. Biometrics
    1. Haptics – Digitial feedback can mimic physical sensations, creating a wide range of experiences from a single device.
    2. Body monitoring  – Systems can start to “read” body language as an input.
      Gestures can move beyond the hand and finger.

The following deck is an overview of my research on the topic of Natural User Interfaces.