Design for Delight is ultimately about evoking positive emotion throughout the customer journey by going beyond customer expectations in delivering awesome product experiences that people want to tell the world about.

As an innovation catalyst, I champion the voice of the customer at Intuit. My primary role is to leverage a toolkit of techniques (e.g. Empathy map), facilitation skills (e.g. Brainstorming), and research techniques (e.g. Ethnographic Research) to serve our customers.

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Design for Delight (D4D): Our team of catalysts evangelizes three key principles that drive innovation company wide:

  1. Develop deep customer empathy
  2. Generate broad ideas and narrow to a testable few
  3. Conduct rapid experimentation with customers to learn.

Our founder Scott Cook believes, “D4D is our #1 weapon in attaining growth–and there is no #2!“

Checking out the Concept Sheet module in action