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Attending: BusinessPerspectives for Creative Leaders

Developed by Yale School of Management and AIGA, “” uses case studies, lectures, guest speakers and study groups to give creative leaders a more complete understanding of business and design through the eyes of your clients. The program is taught by Yale School of Management faculty who are regarded as some of the world’s most […]

IXDA 2014 – Adopting VUI in a GUI world

Evangelizing and Designing Voice User Interface: Adopting VUI in a GUI world. Download the material from today’s talk at IXDA 2014. Evangelizing and designing voice user interface in an organization with a long GUI-only history. Apple’s Siri and Google Now have ignited consumers’ interest in voice user interface (VUI) by delivering valuable and delightful customer experiences. […]

Kids Were Terrified of Getting MRIs. Then One Man Figured Out a Better Way.

An MRI is unplesant for most adults, but downright frightening for kids. Approximately 80% of pediatric patients have to be sedated before they get an MRI due to the scariness of the experience and the need for patients to stay still during the procedure. The subject of the article used customer empathy techniques to understand […]