Trackr is simple to set up and does the tracking part for you, so you can focus on the important “money moment” conversations to coach your child about earning, saving and spending.

As the lead product manager and designer, I formed and lead a high performing team to incubate and launch the Trackr mobile app.

The team’s mission was to help families start good money habits early in life. The app was designed with kids and their parents to find a better, easier way to learn about money through allowances.

 Innovation Award & Peoples Choice Award, Intuit 2013


Features include:

  • Personalized agreements between parent and child
  • Tracks activities, chores, payday, and bonuses
  • Daily random rewards for completing chores
  • Pay in money or points
  • Pay weekly, or when you want to reward – or debit accounts
  • Daily and weekly reminders for tracking and payday
  • Virtual bank tracks earnings so kids see their earnings grow
  • Kids can set goals for saving
After 2 weeks of using our app, kids and parents tell us it’s more peaceful around the house. Mom and Dad do less “nagging,” and the kids are more inclined to do their chores.