Hello, I’m Stephen Gay.

I’m a passionate creative leader and team player with over 16 years of experience. I take pride in solving complex problems and delivering innovative, simple, and delightful experiences.

  • Positively impacted several Fortune 500 companies such as Intuit, Motorola, Prudential and consulted at Sapient and HannaHodge.
  • Led experience for several innovative startups including Bubbleshare (sold 2006), Five Limes (sold 2007), MXPlay (sold 2008), and DogoNews

I am a design leader & strategist.

I lead and deliver innovating cross channel products utilizing a deep foundation in design thinking and user-centered design.

  • Lead teams through early phases of design thinking to identify innovation opportunities.
  • Cultivate customer insights to imagine and re-imagine delightful products.
  • Leverage deep expertise in design and experimentation.

Attend Yale University for the AIGA Executive Management for Designer and attended Carleton University for a Bachelors of Industrial Design.



I am an innovation catalyst.

A passion for championing innovation has led me to develop strong facilitation and leadership skills, and I’ve formalized this role through the Design for Delight program at Intuit.

  • Facilitate teams to go broad, develop deep customer empathy, and conduct rapid experimentation.
  • Inspire creativity and visions so teams can tackle big important problems.
  • Exercise and champion methodologies for design planning and development.

I live in Redwood City with my wonderful wife Tracy Hayes; and my two sons Devin and Griffin. I love photography, traveling, cycling, cooking, and brewing beer.