Challenges when crafting Product Roadmaps.

By April 1, 2015Design, Engagement Design

The Challenges:

  1. How do designers collaborate with our product manager/marketing manager partners to define the roadmap.
    1. Are we part of the process? 
    2. Are we involved in the selection process?
    3. Are we involved in the sequencing process?
  2. What approach do we use to balance our roadmap
    1. What’s an experiment vs product feature?
    2. What’s a short-term bet vs a long-term bet?
    3. What’s focused on re-imagine vs redesign vs incremental improvement?
    4. What’s a focus on building a new infrastructure vs leveraging the existing infrastructure?
  3. How do we create clarity on what is the customer problem we are trying to solve?
  4. How do we create transparency with our teams and extended teams?