DMI (Design Management Institute) 2014 Design Value Index

By June 5, 2015Design

The DMI (Design Management Institute) 2014 Design Value Index is out now for its second year and it lists Intuit as one of the 16 most Design conscious companies.


Our own Kurt Walecki is quoted in the article. Some quotes;

“The Design Value Index Study shows 10 year returns yielding 2.19 times (219%) that of the S&P 500”

“The 2014 Design Value Index shows us for a second year that corporations that put an emphasis on design as a strategic asset perform significantly better than those that do not. As corporate design capabilities mature, executives are able to direct this power towards their companies’ most challenging problems. This, in turn, allows design-driven companies to grow faster, and often with higher margins, due to the exceptional customer experiences they are uniquely positioned to create.”